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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a great idea. It uses a simple action – turning off the lights – to bring attention to climate change and global warming. But there is one glaring flaw in targeting lights and electricity as the symbol … Continue reading

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Escaping the Concrete Ivory Tower

Translating academic research into something that is accessible, interesting and other 95% of the populations will read is a challenge. The space restrictions of op-eds and magazine features forces you to be concise in a way journal articles do not. … Continue reading

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Urban vs. Rural

Urban: Pertaining to or characteristic of, occurring or taking place in, a city or town. (OED) Rural: Of persons: Living in the country; having the standing, qualities, or manners of peasants or country-folk; engaged in country occupations; agricultural or pastoral. … Continue reading

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Amchitka Everywhere!

“Brothers and sisters in Greenpeace.  Greenpeace is beautiful and you are beautiful because you are here tonight.  You came here because you are not on a death trip.  You believe in life.  You believe in peace.  And you want them … Continue reading

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