STOP! Edmonton Environmental Advocacy circa 1970.

Madly putting the finishing touches on a guest lecture tomorrow morning and found a whole new treasure trove of researching fun right here in Edmonton. Back in the early 1970s a group of students at the University of Alberta formed an organization called STOP (Save Tomorrow/Oppose Pollution). They did not have the longevity of other university groups — Pollution Probe — but they did do quite a bit around Edmonton promoting environmental issues and generally opposing pollution. Until tonight I have only found them mentioned in The Gateway. Then I came across this via the digitized photographs the Provincial Archives of Alberta has recently made available on-line. Score!

1973 Klondike Days Parade (Provincial Archives of Alberta)


About Lauren Wheeler

Just a reformed history phd student working as a public historian and staying connected with the environmental history world from remote Edmonton. Requires coffee, music, laughter, and regular escapes to less Edmonton-like places.
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  1. Sandi Ratch says:

    Hi Lauren – would you mind e-mailing me at I have a couple of questions.

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