Busy Summer

Summer is off to a busy start so post here have been few and far between – didn’t even get something up about CHESS 2011, St.Andrews edition! Will strive to do better from a writing workshop on Hornby Island next week. There are a few interesting ongoing projects this summer that will be cross posted here.
First is EHTV. The premier video podcast went out at the end of May and the second will be available in the next week. You can take a sneak peak and check out the EHTV Shorts on YouTube or Vimeo.
Second, I have started contributing to Highline Magazine as a blogger on the environmental history of the Bow Valley. My first contribution went up today and it is about some the Alien Invaders lurking in your gardens and around the mountains…This is actually a long overdue contribution to the NiCHE Writing for a Popular Audience workshop at UBC in March 2010!
Here’s to sun and summer and staying busy when everyone else is going on vacation!

About Lauren Wheeler

A reformed history phd student working as a public historian and looking for connections between museums and environmental history from the often freezing reaches of Canada (aka Edmonton).
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