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Environment vs. Economy: The Perpetual Alberta Conundrum

The Gateway Pipelines public hearings have landed in Edmonton and the proceedings will probably get less press than the hearings with Aboriginal communities in British Columbia. Most communities along the proposed pipeline routes (Gateway and Keystone) have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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RIP Eastman/Kodak

Kodak is dead. Today, after weeks of speculation, the media announced the fabled camera company had filed for bankruptcy. It is a great loss that in the age of planned obsolescence and a public that seems to constantly drool over … Continue reading

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Dissertation Arithmetic, or 56hrs/wk

As the semester begins graduate students, like the undergraduates, get back to work. The difference is the grad students probably didn’t take much of a break from working during the week universities close between fall and winter semesters. This is … Continue reading

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