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Public History, Pop History, Academia, and Jobs.

On the last day of the 2013 ASEH meeting in Toronto I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with two other public historians at a graduate luncheon and answer questions from graduate students about job opportunities outside academia.  … Continue reading

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ASEH 2012: Madison Wisconsin and Digital History

Early on Thursday morning environmental historians from across the United States, Canada, and Europe converged on Madison, Wisconsin for the annual ASEH meeting. Madison is not an easy, or cheap, place to get to and it seemed like everyone had … Continue reading

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FOUND! The Gateway Sept 1970-March 1971

Found the missing year! The helpful people at the University of Alberta Archives and in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library tracked down The Gateway run for the 1970/1971 academic year. The newspaper continued to publish and report on the … Continue reading

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Reflection on Sustainability: Cronon’s 2011 ASEH Plenary Address

Sustainability is the buzz word of the early twenty-first century. The Green Party of Canada runs their entire campaign based on the tenant of living and governing in a more environmentally sustainable way – but since they were barred from … Continue reading

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ASEH Phoenix: Days 2 and 3

The internet in my hotel room was very temperamental and instead of staying in the air conditioning longer than necessary the Canadian contingent went out and basked in temperatures well above freezing late into the night. As a result the … Continue reading

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