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The “Trouble” with Wi-Fi Hotspots in National Parks

On Tuesday April 29, 2014 Parks Canada announced it will install Wi-Fi hotspots in National Parks.  The response from Canadians is divided; some welcome the ability to access the internet in remote areas, others see it as an unnecessary incursion of … Continue reading

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Reviving a Canadian Hero

*This was written for Active History and can also be found on the Sam Steele Collection site. Sam Steele was the Forrest Gump of Canadian History. He was involved in some way with the Fenian Raids, the Long March West, the 1870 … Continue reading

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Pollution and the Tar Sands: The Same Old Story.

All weekend in Alberta the news covered the provincial and federal Environment Ministers toured new pollution monitoring stations in the Oil/Tar Sands. It reminded me of the consistent sense of deja vu that comes with studying the early environmental movement in Alberta and and of a recent presentation I gave at the Directions West conference at the University of Alberta. Below is a portion of that presentation about pollution monitoring, court cases, and environmentalism in Alberta in the 1970s. Continue reading

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FOUND! The Gateway Sept 1970-March 1971

Found the missing year! The helpful people at the University of Alberta Archives and in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library tracked down The Gateway run for the 1970/1971 academic year. The newspaper continued to publish and report on the … Continue reading

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Environment vs. Economy: The Perpetual Alberta Conundrum

The Gateway Pipelines public hearings have landed in Edmonton and the proceedings will probably get less press than the hearings with Aboriginal communities in British Columbia. Most communities along the proposed pipeline routes (Gateway and Keystone) have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Archives and the Digital World

The University of Alberta has a digital archive called ERA (Education and Research Archive) where any one working at the university can deposit electronic records. The items deposited include drafts of published papers, datasets, research materials, conference presentations, course materials, … Continue reading

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Canada vs. Iceland: The National Park Edition

Canada celebrates nature. It celebrates nature as ‘wilderness’ that much attacked idea that for nature to matter it cannot be touched by human hands. This is the legacy of the human history of Canada as a settler society that was … Continue reading

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