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Pollution and the Tar Sands: The Same Old Story.

All weekend in Alberta the news covered the provincial and federal Environment Ministers toured new pollution monitoring stations in the Oil/Tar Sands. It reminded me of the consistent sense of deja vu that comes with studying the early environmental movement in Alberta and and of a recent presentation I gave at the Directions West conference at the University of Alberta. Below is a portion of that presentation about pollution monitoring, court cases, and environmentalism in Alberta in the 1970s. Continue reading

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Lessons from Environmental History: Success Through Past Failures

Pivotal moments in Canadian environmentalism are not restricted to successes; failures to produce change and instances where institutions created to promote a more sustainable way of living are also important. Continue reading

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The Canmore-Provincial Parks Conundrum

The province of Alberta is looking to changing how provincial parks are regulated. Nowhere will these changes have a greater affect than Canmore. CPAWS, the Sierra Club, and other conservation interest groups have taken up lamenting how these changes will … Continue reading

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Mealy Meadows, One Giant Leap for Parks Canada

Last week a new national park officially came into being. It is part of a decades old endeavour by Parks Canada to ensure a part of each of the distinct ecosystems in Canada in preserved and protected through the creation … Continue reading

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Environmentalism vs. Conservationism

Modern environmentalism, like early twentieth-century conservationism, is a movement of the educated, urban, predominately white, middle-class. It shares important aspects of its philosophy with conservationism. Gender and race historians have pointed to the years following the Second World War as … Continue reading

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