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Environment vs. Economy: The Perpetual Alberta Conundrum

The Gateway Pipelines public hearings have landed in Edmonton and the proceedings will probably get less press than the hearings with Aboriginal communities in British Columbia. Most communities along the proposed pipeline routes (Gateway and Keystone) have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Is it really all about the Great Men?

Question of the Month: Does it truly come down to great men/women when getting the public – or an undergraduate class – interested in history? Continue reading

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Re-Naming; or Being Politically Correct

It seems in Canada there is always a debate going on over using the most politically correct name for places. Currently this is popping up in Vancouver around Stanley Park. The gist of the debate is the Squamish First Nation … Continue reading

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a great idea. It uses a simple action – turning off the lights – to bring attention to climate change and global warming. But there is one glaring flaw in targeting lights and electricity as the symbol … Continue reading

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Welcome to Canadian Historiography Part II – The Liberal Order Framework.

The Liberal-Order Framework is Ian McKay’s answer to fragmentation of Canadian history and an attempt to re-invigorate political, economic, and political-intellectual history.  The framework is built around the idea that from the 1840s to the 1940s liberalism, as seen in … Continue reading

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