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“The End is Nigh!”

This blog began as a place to reflect on the plethora of books and articles history doctoral students must read for comprehensive examinations. Somewhere in the middle of comps this blog became more about dissertation research and ideas that don’t … Continue reading

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Distinguishing between “European in Canada” and “Canadian” in History.

When do the resident of Canada cease to be “European” and become “Canadian”? In the process of reviewing for comprehensive exams in January, one of the things that continually strikes me seeming fluidity of the terminology used to describe the … Continue reading

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Pick a Province.

Part of the comps process is preparing doctoral students to teach; something I managed to overlook for far too many months of comps prep. With this reality recently brought to my attention, the reading and preparation process of list #3 … Continue reading

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Urban vs. Rural

Urban: Pertaining to or characteristic of, occurring or taking place in, a city or town. (OED) Rural: Of persons: Living in the country; having the standing, qualities, or manners of peasants or country-folk; engaged in country occupations; agricultural or pastoral. … Continue reading

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Creating Canada

Confederation is the legislative birth of Canada, but November 1885 is the  birth of the Canadian State.  When placed in perspective July 1, 1867 was the day four colonies came together with the blessing of Britain out of necessity rather … Continue reading

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The fine art of gutting…a book

One of first classes I went to as a graduate student was a Canadian historiography course. After the requisite introductions and review of the syllabus, course expectations, etc., the professor looked at us as explained he was going to teach … Continue reading

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