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CHESS 2010 or Eating Montreal

The plan to blog from CHESS did not turn out exactly as hoped for one reason. There was very limited internet access at the McGill residence called Solin Hall. Continue reading

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From Montreal…with CHESS

For the past five years before the annual meeting of the CHA at Congress, NiCHE hosts CHESS – Canadian History and Environment Summer School. The theme for the 2010 Concordia edition it is “Edible Environments.” Since the environmental history/historical geography … Continue reading

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Environmentalism vs. Conservationism

Modern environmentalism, like early twentieth-century conservationism, is a movement of the educated, urban, predominately white, middle-class. It shares important aspects of its philosophy with conservationism. Gender and race historians have pointed to the years following the Second World War as … Continue reading

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What Trouble with Wilderness?

The downside to visiting the Rockies in the low-season with a stack of comps readings on wilderness and conservation is that it is hard to be critical of loaded terms like “wilderness” when it is everywhere! During ski season and … Continue reading

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Environmental History Backwards?

The standard approach of environmental history is to ask how human actions effect an environment or ecosystem. Even intellectual environmental histories are interested in how human ideas and philosophies about the natural world cause environmental changes. Reading about conservation, animals, … Continue reading

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Escaping the Concrete Ivory Tower

Translating academic research into something that is accessible, interesting and other 95% of the populations will read is a challenge. The space restrictions of op-eds and magazine features forces you to be concise in a way journal articles do not. … Continue reading

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Creating Canada

Confederation is the legislative birth of Canada, but November 1885 is the  birth of the Canadian State.  When placed in perspective July 1, 1867 was the day four colonies came together with the blessing of Britain out of necessity rather … Continue reading

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